Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time for an update

Wow, I can't believe how time is flying. Payton is doing well in school and Koen is growing like a little weed. Koen is currently in the spiderman stage - about 85% of the time he is spiderman and loves to save me from the bad guys. He brings us so much joy. He loves to read, work puzzles, and do anything with a ball. We can't wait to be back outside this spring (and spring can't get here fast enough!).

Payton doesn't seem to care for school too much - she says it is sooooooo long, however anyone that sees her at school says she always has a smile on her face. Which, ofcourse, puts me at ease. They're still working on her fine motor skills and strength - she just really doesn't have much upper body strength. That's their biggest concern right now, so she will start going to the hospital for OT sessions once a week. She's excited because she gets to ride in the hospital van with the special education teacher (eventually a para will take her)....but more than anything she loves the hospital because of the treadmills. We're anxious to see how her focus is - we have a feeling she'll be way preoccupied with those treadmills. Behavior wise she does well for them at school. She did get the lowest score possible on controlling her verbal impulses, but that is expected with her. Even in church it's not unusual for her to just yell out "I LOVE PIZZA!" or whatever is on her mind.

We're having issues with her blood pressure again - running around 138/76 of an evening so we are working with the nephrologist to try to figure out what to do medicine wise. She currently takes her three medications at 7am, 10am, 2pm, 5pm, and 8pm.....so I'm guessing she may need to add another one in the mix somewhere. Ofcourse, I want to get it regulated before we go for her pre-op appointment Feb 25th and surgery March 4th (dental).

Koen's healthy as a horse. All we ever have with him are ear infections (we're treating one right now) but we don't think we're going to go another round of tubes. It would be his 3rd set and we really would like to see if he's going to start outgrowing it.

Koen and Payton are really starting to play some together and it's such a joy to watch. Payton doesn't play a whole lot, but when she decides to they really play well together. Koen is so patient with her and he really does make my heart melt. God really has blessed us. I don't know what in the world I would do without my kiddos.