Monday, August 2, 2010

Well we made it through VBS - not quite sure why we sent her-but hopefully she got something out of it :) We did get a lot of use out of her headphones (to reduce the noise) and one time the music minister caught Payton just wandering the halls looking for her mommy. Guess she managed to escape-she is so stinkin fast!

Last week she and Koen got to enjoy several days with my mother in law. Wanda came to our house for a few days to keep the kids while Bob and I were at work and my kiddos loved every second of it. Wanda got to see Payton's obsession with phones - ending the visit with a call to 911 and a police visit to the house. The policeman tried to explain to Payton what a 'real' emergency is (Payton likes to call when anything is wrong - her bike is broke, her phone is broke, mom and dad are going the wrong way to church, etc). So, sadly this is not the first time Payton has called. I'm sure the policeman thought it would help to talk to Payton, but sadly it only feeds Payton's obsession more because she LOVES policemen. So, a visit to our house was exactly what Payton wanted. hehe.

We are on the countdown to school now....just a few more weeks. I am so ready for Payton to be back at school and in that routine. I know it will help her a ton! Scary to think next year Koen will go to preschool. Where does the time go?