Tuesday, June 22, 2010

summer time

Payton and Koen are having a great start to their summer. Payton loves her break from school and Koen loves having his sister at the sitter with him. Both of them are in swimming lessons and they have become quite the little fish-which thrills me because I love being at the pool.

Payton just had her dental surgery last week and did great. They only had to pull one tooth (most of it was gone anyways), cap one tooth and then put filling in the other three. They ended up knocking one of her teeth loose, so she and Bob ended up pulling it over the weekend (which she did fantastic with that as well, too!). The only downside from the visit was that she is missing seven of her permanent teeth, but they are all molars. So, it could be worse - it could be the front ones she is missing. And, teeth can always be fixed-I was just suprised to hear she was missing seven :)
In a few weeks we head off to the ws convention in st louis and are excited/anxious all rolled in to one. We are so excited to finally meet people we've talked with almost daily but never met face to face!