Friday, December 12, 2008

Am I Dreaming?

Last night, I laid there listening to Payton in her bedroom talking to Thomas the cat as she tried to go to sleep. It really is such a peaceful feeling. We've worked so hard to get her on a good sleep pattern. For so long I thought we were just doing something wrong, but after having Koen it all just made sense that it was the syndrome wrecking havoc on her sleep. Payton loves Thomas so much and we make sure he's inside the house ready to sleep with her by 8:30. We try our best to atleast get her in bed at 8:30 and generally by 10pm she is asleep. There are still some nights, like last night, that for some reason she just couldn't settle and didn't go to sleep til about 2am, but it's not the hours of crying, so I can handle it. When I was laying in bed listening to Payton talk to the cat, ("Oh, Thomas, I love you so much", "Oh, Thomas, it's OK", "Thomas is fiesty"), I just couldn't help but lay there and smile. I honestly never believed her sleep would get better. She doesn't require much sleep, but I think she's getting to the point that as long as she has the cat with her, she's ok. It feels like a dream.

The other amazing thing: Payton's hair is growing. She already needs another haircut and it hasn't even been six weeks. My belief as to why......her medicine is helping her from being so darned stressed out, anxious and nervous. Before, her hair would fall out in clumps when I would comb it. Now, it doesn't and her hair is growing like crazy. For me, it's just another outward sign that she is doing better.

Koen's been fighting an ear infection for about a month now. For some reason we can't seem to get rid of it. He went back to the ENT yesterday and if he continues to have trouble, they'll just take his adenoids out. He goes to the same ENT as Payton and I just love that lady to death. She blamed it on allergies and said if we do take his adenoids out, they'll just do bloodwork at the same time so they can see what he's allergic too. Works for me! I don't know, they say there's that magic three that go together....allergies/asthma/eczema and he fits that pattern perfect. Funny, it's frustrating when they are sick like that and you just want to see them feel better, but I told Bob the tiredness I feel with Koen being sick and unable to sleep is different than the exhaustion I feel with Payton. I think it's because I know Koen will be just fine - his body is strong and can fight.....I'm just not nearly as confident in that with Payton.

Last month we took Koen to the cardiologist for a heart murmur and it was ofcourse an innocent heart murmur....he doesn't have to go back for three years (and that's only if he still has a murmur). Monday is Payton's turn. She's been such a different child lately that I'm even hoping we can get a blood pressure on her. Might as well shoot for the stars, right? :)

Tonight, Payton gets to go Christmas caroling. I can only imagine how much fun she's going to have (and how loud she's going to sing!!). Oh-and a big Happy Birthday! to Caleb and Abi. I wish Payton could be there to sing Happy Birthday to you both.


Noel said...

Thanks for the B-day wish!
I wish that our cat was as patient as Thomas. Fluffy would never stay in the bedroom with Abi. We've tried and Fluffy will run from hiding place to hiding place trying to get away.
I love hearing the good news about Payton just feeling better. I am thinking more and more that we may have to join the anxiety med group of WS kids. Abi is just having more and more emoitonal breakdowns.
I hope that Koen feels better soon. I also hope we can get together again soon!!


Amy said...

Wow, great news...again! It's funny I noticed the past few months that I have really gotten my energy back, a far cry from how I felt the first couple of years raising Avery. I so wish my cats liked Av, I think a pet like that would be great for her.
Much love,

Penny said...

I am so glad to hear things are going so much better for Payton. I just love happy endings.

I know medication is such a controversial issue, but it sure worked with our kids and doesn't it feel great to have your child just be able to be a kid without being so upset and anxious all the time?


Laura said...

It's so great to hear.
Our cat is now 19yrs old....she wouldn't go near Michaela for years. Now, they're best friends and the cat is always with her.

Ava Jewel Leilani said...

Keep Shooting for those stars!

Teresa & Shawn said...

I love that Payton talks to the cat... that is so sweet. Sleep is something that we struggle with, too. Falling asleep and not getting up in the middle of the night - one of the most frustrating things!