Monday, October 5, 2009


Right now I guess it is fair to say our entire house is emotional. I've been so discouraged over Payton's blood pressure. Tonight, I ended up having the on-call nephrologist paged at Children's Mercy to discuss Payton's blood pressure. It was 138/87 and thankfully he said it was way too high and called in an emergency med to get it lowered within an hour. By the time she went to bed it was down to 102/68 and she was exhausted and ready for bed. My heart aches for her. And ofcourse my heart aches for Koen because I feel like so much of our time is spent on the phone with the doctor, insurance, or pharmacy that I am neglecting Koen. Now, if I really step back and look at the full picture, Koen could care less. He's playing, while Bob and I are scurrying around or worried. I'm sure he senses something is going on, but usually he just asks "payton crying" or is escaping from her wrath :) I'm so thankful he's a healthy little boy, cause I'm not sure I could handle two to worry sick over.

Right now I'm at the point of barely functioning at work-I'm too worried about her. We've managed to make it one day (last Friday) without a visit to the nurse and I was hoping for another....but sure enough by 1:30 today she was there complaining of a headache with bp of 138/80. The doc added another med and we'll see how it goes. here's to a better day tomorrow!


Noel said...

Thinking of you and REALLY hoping that this helps for longer than the other meds have!! I don't want you any where near the meds that Abi is given everyday. Praying for your family!

Tes said...

Tara my heart breaks for her, so stressful for you all. I hope and pray they find a med solution quickly!

Michelle said...

I can only imagine how exhausting and frustrating it must be to have the constant worry about the bp and trying different meds but nothing seems to be working long-term :( Praying for some answers to what is going on and sending you hugs.

Amy said...

thinking of you all, hope they get a mix for Payton that does the trick.