Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Payton's been in the hospital for a couple of days now and I can't tell you how proud I am of her. She has been so tough and really only had a few meltdowns (which in itself is amazing!). I took her to the doctor concerned she had a bladder infection and before we left the office they were scheduling her for a chest X-ray because of her cough. I wasn't even worried about pneumonia because I didn't think she sounded bad, but turns out she had double pneumonia and ended up in the hospital. Sure enough, once they started the breathing treatments she really started coughing and hacking, so it definitely was a blessing we went to the doctor's appointment and he heard her cough.

Payton has become the greeter and the entertainment of the hospital. No one can walk by her door without her yelling "Hello!" or "Come on in!" and if someone does come in, they get the question "Where's my present?" Yikers :) I was concerned about her getting the breathing treatments because she hates her brother's nebulizer (the noise) but it's so much quieter it hasn't even bothered her. She usually ends up coughing so much she throws up when she's having a treatment, but she's done fantastic with it!

The nurses are shocked how well she can swallow her pills and take her liquid medicine, and usually are so good to her that they receive a "Aahhh, you're so nice" or "you've been good, you're going to get presents!" before they leave the room. She is loving the socializing in this place! She is also loving the warm blankets they can give her at the drop of a hat (instead of having to put it in the dryer like we do at home and wait a bit for it to get warm).

The only time she's really given us any trouble is when she is ofcourse tired at night or when she passed by the physical therapy room and saw all the treadmills. She has quite the obsession with treadmills and she gave us quite a meltdown over it. Eventually, she and Bob went and watched the treadmills for about an hour while other's were having their therapy. Thankfully the nurses allowed her to do that, otherwise I'm not so sure she ever would've calmed down about it until she went to sleep.

Right now she is sleeping peacefully and we're hopeful she'll be checking out tomorrow - just in time for Christmas! However, if not, the nurses have reminded her there is a chimney here and that Santa will find her. Much love to all of you and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


Michelle said...

Oh Tara! If the holidays are stressful enough on their own! Many prayers for Payton and know you are all loved so much! Praying she is home for Christmas.
Love, Love, Love

Tes said...

mucho prayers for you my sister friend. I know we all get caught up in this holiday madness but please know that you and your family have a place in our prayers daily. HE gives us strenght even when we think we can't possibly do more:) hugs to you and Bob and those precious kiddos.

jbgrinch said...

you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad to hear that you are all holding up thru this ordeal. my you have a better new year!

Amy said...

Wow, how these kids do it I don't know. I do think all the socializing helps them through the hopsitilizations. But it is still tough. Glad you made it home in short order and hope you are having an enjoyable holiday break.
Much love,

jbgrinch said...

been too long Im getting a bit worried not that you have to but let me know what happened please?

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