Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our 'Extended' Family

Last weekend Noel and her family came to visit. My daughter was in heaven! (Ofcourse, so was Koen because he had Hannah to entertain him). It is so nice to be with another mom who just 'gets it'. Nothing has to be explained, I don't get strange looks, everything is accepted. It feels good! I really wish we lived in the same town so we could get together more often. Ever since Saturday all I've heard about is Abi. When we got up Sunday morning, Payton was furious that we weren't going to see Abi. It was rainy so we weren't sure we were going to swim, then we just decided since it wasn't lightning we'd go ahead and swim. Sure enough, once Payton and Abi swam their 2 minutes before turning blue (hahah!) they went in to take a hot bath. I love seeing these two together........it's really neat to see another child do the exact same things as your child (the way they walk, talk, get angry, hate goodbyes, etc). For some reason, I found it comforting when they left that Abi was having just as hard of time with her goodbye as Payton was. I can't figure out why, but something about goodbyes are just hard for these kiddos! (However, I'm glad we got Payton in the house before she chased their car down the driveway screaming "DON'T LEAVE ME!". She even does this to strangers and I always wonder what they think of us after their gone! :)
Thank you so much for coming to see us, Noel. We can't wait to get together again!
Here's some pics..........


Heather said...

looks like they all had a blast together. Those two will probably be best buds throughout life :)
they are the cutest.

Every minute counts.... said...

I love the picture of the two of them together!Ya, know Abi still is asking when we are going to see Payton again. We got in the truck today and she asked if that's where we were going!

Thanks again for having us out there!

Penny said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad that you have each other

Amy said...

I always cry when I see two WS kiddos together, it just seems so "right." Gosh, the girls look great!

Michelle said...

how fun that you guys were able to get together! Looks like it'll be a lifelong friendship for the girls.