Friday, December 21, 2007

Payton followed Gianna and Ari's footsteps

After seeing how different Gianna and Ari looked with straight hair, I thought I would try straightening Payton's hair. She looked so different! (Bob said he didn't like just wasn't his Payton). Anyways, after straightening it, I realized I was thankful Payton had curly hair. She has so many strange bald spots (you can't see them in the top picture, but you can see them in the bottom picture). When I wash her hair I always think it's thin, but when I straightened it I really noticed how thin it was. Yeah for the ws curls!!!

To end my post I thought I would show a pic of our kitten in the tree. He often climbs to the top and takes a little nap.....he has to get away from Payton somehow! Poor thing - I don't know what he'll do when we take the tree down.


Michelle, Tim, Aidan & Ari said...

She looks adorable! I can't believe you tried it too! Ari is now obsessed with having her hair straight becuase she can't get over how long it is... Enjoy every minute of the holidays!

Every minute counts.... said...

I do kind of like it straight but like Bob, i think it just doesn't look like Payton! The kitten in the tree is too cute!! I used to have a cat that would do that. The one we have now is too old and lazy! :)

Merry Christmas!

Kerry said...

That is so cute with your kitten in the tree! Merry Christmas!!

Katie said...

YAY! i finally re-found your site - i was wondering where you got too...
Oh the pictures are too cute! the straight hair and the kitten in the tree!!
We got a kitten last year and 'Blackie' and Jai have been inseperable ever since! When i go into his room to check on him before bed Blackie is at my ankles and straight up on his bed purring.
We put a cat flap into the Laundry door so she could get away from him in her younger days!