Monday, October 13, 2008

Lumps, Bumps, and more

Last weekend we attended our first wedding together as a family. Sad, I know, considering that Payton is almost five years old. But - what's the point in taking her? All she's going to do is run like crazy and wander wander wander :) Because it was family we were there at the church for quite some time, then tried going to the reception. Let's just say by the end of the day I literally felt like I'd ran a marathon. I didn't say much about it afterwards because I think I was still in shock over how fast my child can take off without any one noticing. I really don't know how many times I felt like I had lost her and then finally came upon her. (At one point someone was vacuuming part of the church and I knew if I followed the sounds of the vacuum I would eventually find Payton in the same spot, fingers in her ear, watching ever so intently the gentleman vaccuuming). I guess I should be thankful for those noises - even though Payton doesn't like them she becomes quite obsessed with them and the sound of them usually leads me to my daughter :) I'm not really even going to mention much about the gentleman she walked in on as he was going to the bathroom. I'm sure that guy was just tickled pink over that :(

After the wedding, Payton cried most of the way home complaining of her legs hurting. After rubbing them I noticed she had two or three lumps in her leg. Because Payton still does not communicate to me the best, I thought I should go ahead and take her to the doctor. Bless her heart, she may tell me her legs hurt - but in all honesty, it could be her head hurting. They did an xray of her leg on Friday, and all is well. It is just a fatty tumor.

On to Koen, he is my child who always has a hug knot on his head. He took a major fall in the driveway (he was trying to go much faster than his little feet could keep up with) and crashed head first. He actually was pretty good about it - once he got his pacifier, he was good to go. I told Bob I was actually thankful when I saw these bumps and bruises on him because at this point, Payton wasn't even walking yet - so it's good to see these on him - it means he's being a regular old little boy!

Preschool is still going well. We haven't had an IEP meeting yet, but I'm still just sitting back and relaxing on it. I feel like all we've done with Payton is work, work, work. I want her to have fun - be a kid. It seems she's really trying to enjoy life (this medicine has truly worked wonders for her) and right now, I'm just trying to enjoy it. We can work after I can soak all of her joy in :)

This weekend: Williams Syndrome get together. Can't wait.


Michelle said...

I agree enjoy payton being payton for a while without it being work. You both deserve it!

Julie said...

I can so relate. Noah can disappear in a flash and is usually into something he shouldn't be.

Laura said...

I completely agree, enjoy them.

I remember the younger years....Michaela could disappear in a flash....she's still quick but with age and maturity does't take off anymore.....thank goodness, I'm too old to still be chasing her like that!

Noel said...

I too can't wait until this weekend. And I am totally hoping there is no easy escape route at the gym :)

Heather said...

have fun this weekend. Oh.. .we still have to hunt Caleb down everywhere we go. He is a free spirit for sure. :)

Amy said...

The wandering truly frightens me! I lost Avery in the Halloween store this weekend, finally I found her after 30 seconds which felt like forever in front of a hideous looking troll figure whose head spun around while it laughed. I find myself stying home more and more because i am just too tired to chase her or deal with the tantrums from not getting her way. I feel so cruel. Right there with you on the vacuum. Avery wakes up sometimes in the morning and her first word of the day is "Naknum?" Her word for vacuum.

Michelle said...

oh my goodness he sure did get a bump on his head! Kayla is a wanderer too; it's like she has no care in the world and doesn't notice if we are with her or not. Scares me!