Wednesday, October 15, 2008

School Pic

I was really pleased with Payton's pic this year. Bob just looked at me when he saw it and said "Man, she's growing up". And, she is - which is a good thing! Every day it becomes more and more apparent to me how social she is becoming. For instance:
Yesterday we went to my niece's volleyball game and I had told Payton we were going that morning so she would halfway know her routine for the day. Her response: "Everybody say Hi to me?" She couldn't wait to go and see people and talk their legs off.
My sister had taken Payton thru the McDonald's drive-thru the other day and she was laughing saying she could not believe Payton. Evidently when they were getting their food, Payton had rolled down her window and basically was nearly kissing the poor person at the window....yelled "HI!!!!!" and "THANKS!!!!" right in her face. She's just a little chatter box. :)
Then lastly, my mom and I had stopped at the mall to get Payton some shoes after we had the kids picture taken. Had I been by myself I would not have gone to the mall because of what Payton seems to do when we go there. We carried Payton out kicking and screaming because she wanted to stay and work with the sales lady. OK.....what? It is unfortunately not unusual at all for her to throw a fit like that at places, but because she wants to stay and work? That had not yet happened. I couldn't believe it.......

This morning I took her to preschool and I think I am daily shocked at her inability to focus. At this point, I am again thankful that we have a diagnosis with Payton because I can't imagine how I would be feeling about everything - knowing that Payton was struggling and that something was just 'different'. But - I know it's just trying to work on it. It's tough, though. I feel bad telling her fifty times a day to "focus", but unless repeatedly reminded she just can't concentrate. I think I told her ten times before I left preschool to focus and put up her backpack, but every step she took, something sidetracked her (when I left to go to work she still hadn't put up her backpack). I'm sure before long she will start telling me to focus - I've noticed recently she's told me and our cat to "just relax" or "be patient". I was proud of her for saying those words and using them - I just wish she could put them into practice :)


Julie said...

She is so funny. It sounds like you are talking about Noah when you talk about trouble focusing. Uggghh!!

Tes said...

wow, what a big girl now. I wish Lila would keep earrings on she looks so boyish in some outfits I refuse to put her in them anymore. I know what you mean about the lack of focus, very frustrating and sad.
Take care Tes

Michelle said...

Hi! I love love love Payton's picture. I am afraid to see how Ari's comes back...she came home that day with pencil marks and boogies all over her face..I can only pray it happened after the picture was taken. Yes, I understand about the attention but as she matures it will get better at least a little bit...I have to say Ari's therapists are shocked at how much her attention has improved this year and I swear it from being around "typical" kids all day and seeing what the expecations really are. I love that she wanted to "work" at the mall...I know you weren't laughing but it is kind of a cute story : )

Michelle said...

What a beautiful school picture! and she does look "older" somehow!

your last paragraph describes Kayla too! She constantly gets distracted and you have to stay on top of her reminding her what she is supposed to be doing.

Heather said...

Great picture!
ahhh, that distractibility!
They, the experts, say that it gets better as the age. I sure hope so.

Katie said...

Wow she has really grown up! That picture is just beautiful :)
I feel ya on the distractability thing!