Tuesday, April 7, 2009


One thing is for sure, Bob and I have noticed a direct correlation between Payton's blood pressure and her behavior. When her blood pressure is lower she is definitely a calm little girl. This tends to be in the morning after she's taken her first dose of bp meds. Sure enough when her blood pressure goes up, she becomes angry and almost monstrous.

It feels fantastic to know and feel why all along she has been such a temperamental little girl. I've always tried to be patient with her, feeling that so much of her behavior issues were anxiety (and I still believe a lot of it was) but to add the blood pressure on top of it really created a lot of problems for her behavior wise. Even Bob said he looks at her behavior and outbursts different now because he knows it's her blood pressure. I'm just guessing here, but I imagine the celexa probably brought her blood pressure down some when she started it because it relieved her anxiety.

One thing I am struggling with is knowing that she more than likely has had high blood pressure since birth. Because of her sensory issues and nonstop crying, we were never able to get a reading on her. Her heart has had to work harder because of the high blood pressure and caused her to have an enlarged heart. It breaks our hearts to know that she really wasn't feeling well and we just didn't know it. Payton's gone to bed the past two nights at 7:30 and is just exhausted. She has been complaining of headaches and grabbing her head screaming, which still terrifies me. Tomorrow I call the doctor again to talk about increasing it again to see if we can get it down some. It's still running about 127/81 for now. It will seem really strange if we get it to the 90/50 range!


Kerry said...

:( I'm sorry she has the high BP ~ the fact that you can correlate it to the behavior is just another step closer to understanding her... THAT part is good. I hope you are able to figure out some ways to help her on that. She is such a cutie pie :)

Julie said...

I really hope you can get it under control soon. I think knowing why your child is acting a certain way is like a weight being lifted. Once you understand you are closer to making the problem better.

Noel said...

I am in the same boat. Maybe we should just get a joint appointment and gang up on him :)
Abi's behavior is ruled by her blood pressure. If it is high she can handle nothing. We are hanging out at 130/70...go figure they are both having issues at the same time. I have called and left messages and have got nothing form the nurse yet today. I will be bugging her again and again until I get an answer....that or I will just put my foot down and talk to the dr himself!!

Tes said...

i agree it is so enlightening whe you finally know what is going on!It just kills me that we can't "fix it" so they can just be kids and enjoy themselves.
Hugs Tes

Alice said...

I have a 13 year old with WS. We haven't had the blood pressure problems. He has mild SVAS, some muscular/physical problems, academic problems, and some social problems, some anxiety problems. He takes concerta for his adhd and lexapro for his anxiety. He now needs braces due to dental/bone abnormalities. He is very happy and excited to get braces. Even with all the "problems", he is a joy to us and everyone who takes time to get to know him. I believe you are chosen to be the parent of a kid with WS.

Check out my blog when and if you have time. I would have followed yours but I couldn't figure out how.