Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a quick update

Things have been kind of a blur around here lately - neither of the kids have been sleeping well and it was getting to the point Bob and I weren't sure what to do with Koen. We KNOW he can sleep, but he's been getting up around every 30 -45 minutes. So, off to the doctor we went. Double ear infection - with one of his tubes still in his ear, but dislodged and not doing any good. We should've known, because like I said, he can sleep good if he feels good. So - not sure if he'll have to have that little procedure done again. We're waiting to see if he starts up his frequent ear infections again and if so, we'll get the tube fixed. Suprisingly, Payton ended up with an ear infection too (it'd been a while since she had one), but her tubes were still in place and the antibiotic cleared it right up.

We're still messing with Payton's blood pressure trying to get the right dosage. Yesterday was a very good day for her and it was encouraging to think we may have just hit the right dose. We'll see how the next two weeks go and then we'll know for sure.

The kids had a really good Easter. Payton and I had to sit outside of the church service because it was so loud, but Bob really enjoyed it. Payton is still enjoying hiding easter eggs and going on egg hunts. Koen picked up on it really fast about finding those eggs. Payton's also started enjoying playing UNO. We don't follow the game exactly, but I figure it's good for her with the colors and numbers and trying to follow directions. She's picked up on it really well and loves it when all of her cards are gone and she wins!

Tomorrow I take Payton to KC to the doctor. I'm looking forward to getting some extra time with her, even if it is going to the doctor. I really can't put into words how completely different Payton is when her blood pressure is in the normal range (typically in the morning). As Bob says, she's just a princess.

Here's some pics:


Noel said...

Hope things go well at the drs today. I am glad that you are starting to see her BP more stable.

Penny said...

Love the pictures!! They are getting soooo big!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear about the ear infections in both kids! I hope they have cleared up by now and everyone is sleeping better! Great pics!