Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm out of town on a business trip this week and Bob just sent me these pics of the kids. Man, I miss them so much!!! Only a day and a half more and I'm back home with them....I can NOT wait. Bob said the kids seem to be doing just fine with me being gone - and Payton is getting to spend the night at my mom's (there's no way Bob could take care of both at night....because if Payton gets up, one of us usually needs to be with Koen because Payton screams loud enough it scares Koen to death). So, I think at bedtime Payton is enjoying some time with grandma and Koen is enjoying some one on one with Daddy.

Koen has an appointment with the ENT on Thursday. His ear has been draining and he's running a fever thru the night. I'm guessing we'll need to get that tube put back in. Easy little surgery, though, so I definitely will not complain.

I've not been home to take Payton's BP and haven't asked Bob about it - so I wouldn't worry about it while I was gone....so far it doesn't look like the increase has done much for her. Sadly, my BP is lower than Payton's. She goes back to KC the middle of May, so it will be nice to see the doc face to face instead of trying to talk over the phone.

That's all that is going on here! Last weekend we went to my nephew's ball tournament (which he got 1st place!) and had a great time. Payton pretty much greeted everyone there, smacked some strangers on the butt (yeah, that was great), and made herself at home. She had a blast! Koen enjoyed it too - he loves anything that has a 'ball' in it....I have a feeling he will look up to Tanner. I'm so excited for the weather to stay warm so the kids can be outside.....the evenings go so much smoother when we can get outside!


Amy said...

Super pixs!

Grandma Robbie said...

Payton,Grandma Robbie and Papa Larry are having a great time. We have been watching the Learning Channel before bed each night. It has the shows with the families that have 8, 12 and 17 children. She really enjoys watching the children. And when she has her moments of being upset, we do deep breathing. Big breath in and blow out. She seems to kind of enjoy that. She even told me, "I feel better now." Payton knows mommy is in St. Louis and will be home soon! So Tara enjoy your quiet evening tonight! And thanks for letting us keep Payton for the night. She looks so big when her and Papa leave for school each morning - and of course to Sonic for breakfast!!

Tara said...

Aww, thanks mom. That post made my night. I had a feeling Payton was getting her texas toast from sonic in the morning :) That girl is going to turn into a piece of toast as much as she likes it!
Thanks for all of your help - and so glad she is doing some deep breathing - good idea!!
It's great to know she's in good hands.

Noel said...

I hate to hear that Koen is not feeling good. I hope they can figure it out. He is such a cute little boy. Did you ever get his ball out of the Lake? I bet he still asks about it if you didn't> LOL

I think that you should ask the kidney dr to do a 24 hr monitor( which is a pain in the butt because Abi hated having something strapped to her arm that long) but that has always been the best tool in getting them to listen to my complaints about BP. It is recorded for them and they can see how high it is for themselves...so there is no " mom" error in it at all. It is their data so they have to believe that it is true and it makes them work a little harder to fix the problems.
Let me know if I can do anything! Maybe I should meet you up there so that then they can keep the two girls straight if they see them side by side:) LOL

sara said...

Okay, I'm a little behind, but I loved reading the post from Grandma Robbie! How sweet!!! And I bet she does look big leaving for school in the mornings with dad. :-)