Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Koen's first haircut

Koen got his first hair cut this past week. He is losing his baby look and is starting to look like a little boy. I can't believe it! I need to post a video so you all can see his personality. He is the funniest, easy going little man. And-since his second set of tubes, he is really starting to talk more. The other night he ran up to me and said "BIG HUG!" (ofcourse, it was in his deep 'manly' voice) and he wrapped his arms as tight as possible around me and gave me the biggest hug. I've been blessed with two really affectionate kids. I know Koen will probably grow out of that (and be embarassed to be around me!) but I imagine Payton will be affectionate forever :)

The kids have really enjoyed their summer so far. Most of it is spent in the back yard in the baby pool. We put a little tikes slide in the pool and the kids have a blast sliding down into the water. I've been tempted to put Koen in swimming lessons because he really likes the water, but I think I will wait until next year. Payton has only had one lesson (they were cancelled yesterday for the weather) but we have another one tomorrow and I feel really good about them. Being one on one really changed how she handled them.

Bob took Koen to the ENT yesterday to have his ears checked and they look great. He took Payton along because the doc and nurse really enjoy her company....they were thrilled Payton came along with Koen and she got to leave with stickers and suckers as well. That is one doctor that Payton is not afraid of. And, ofcourse, Koen is not afraid of that doc either. Payton's BP also seems to be staying steady right now at about 105/65 so we are more than pleased. Right now, we are really just enjoying our time at home and watching the kids play.

Please keep the Calvert family in your prayers. They lost their 3 year old daughter, Ruby, who had williams syndrome, last week. I can't even put myself in a position to imagine what she is going thru. My heart is aching for their family.


Tes said...

He is just too handsome. My prayers for Ruby's family, were they in your area?

Tara said...

No, they were from KY.

Laura said...

He looks like such a big boy!!

At almost 14yrs old, Aaron still likes having me around and isn't there's definately a chance that Koen will always love having you around!!

Julie said...

What a big boy!!

Noel said...

I love that Koen is getting so big but at the same time, it makes me a little sad. I guess that just means we need to get together again so that I can get some more "little boy hugs" from him!!!
I am so glad you are having a great summer!

Michelle said...

He sure is losing that baby look - he's adorable!