Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Payton's first day of school

Payton's first day of school was yesterday. I was able to meet her aide (which I've heard wonderful things about) and help her find her desk and locker. She seemed more than happy to be there and was very excited to start her day. As I left the room she was sitting at her desk with her para and yelled "BYE MOMMY!" No tears for either one of us :)

I thought about her all day wondering how in the world she was doing - especially during lunch. Carrying something and not spilling it is still very difficult for her and as anyone with our kiddos knows....eating is still very messy. (Bob and I are amazed how much better Koen can hit his mouth with his silverware than Payton....she covers her face and clothes!) I also worry about her on the playground, but my guess is she will spend the majority of her time in the swing. She loves to swing!

Because I work til 5pm I'm not able to pick her up from school. Bob picked her up yesterday (I can not tell you how worried about her he was yesterday). The kids sit outside their classroom in a big group and when the adult comes to pick them up, they call the child's name and the child comes to them. Unfortunately, when Bob went to pick her up Payton had the spaced off, open mouth look (as my mom says, the look we all see on her when she's in her own world....and get so sad when we see it). It pretty much devastated Bob and he's had a lot of trouble dealing with it. He's been up since 4am this morning worrying about her....funny, I was the nervous one before and now I'm ok and he's worried. I guess it's a good thing we take turns. We know she is being well taken care of, but it's so hard to let her go when you know she really doesn't understand so much yet. Yes, she's five, but really at a three year old level. She needs to be more independent but it is so hard to have her at home and not notice a delay but then take her to school with her peers and see that she's no where near she needs to be. Then, the fear sets in. How can she take care of herself, how can she learn in this atmosphere, can she keep up? Questions in time that I know she will prove to us she can do....it's just tough.

After school she had to go to the dentist. She's lost a majority of one of her back teeth and unfortunately she'll need to have it capped, cleaned out, etc. There's no enamel (from what I hear that's common in ws?). Not looking forward to her being put under for that, but I know she needs to have it fixed.


Tes said...

Tara I know it is very hard! Lila will be repeating Kindergarten starting on August 24th, yikes! Here is a hug for you and Bob and please be assured she will amaze you.

Noel said...

Glad the first day went well. Sorry about the tooth...that stinks!

Laura said...

So glad she had a good first day. I have to tell you, I still worry everyday I send Michaela to school....I don't know if that will ever stop.

Michelle said...

the worrying sucks...I am already worrying and school doesn't start for 2 weeks....my stomache is inside out, my mood is all funky...I HATE it...and yes, I agree with Laura, I can't imagine it ever stops...hellish

Amy said...

I think when Avery goes all day I will have exactly the same worries you expressed. How has it been going so far? Avery is SO excited for school I can barely say the word around her or she starts obsessing and crying because she can't go (like lastnight). It isn't for two weeks and I shouldn't have said anything because she just cannot comprehend two weeks...hope she forgets about it and I shut my stupid mouth!

Tara said...

Ha! Amy you sound just like me. I dare not say anything about the future or else MELTDOWN!!
Payton does fine going to school but the evenings are tiresome with several hours of crying - just processing it all. I'm sure that will get better as time goes on.

Michelle said...

she looks so excited to be heading to school and the last pic is great!

Maybe she was off in her own world when he picked her up cause she was so worn out from a full day of school and was just decompressing.