Thursday, August 20, 2009

School days

Payton seems to love kindergarten. She doesn't fight me at all to go in the morning and just makes her way to sit in the hallway with the other kids in her class until school starts. I crack up because she looks like such a peanut compared to the other kids her age. BUT - she can definitely stick up for herself if need be :)

The evenings right now are the hardest part for her. She spends a lot of her time being really emotional but I know she is still just trying to process her day. Thanks to my father, she is able to come home after school and just be calm and do her own thing. This gives her time to spend with grandpa and time to just process her day. Thank God for family.

Payton's BP has still been pretty high even since this last increase on medicine. Last night it was 128/80...but I'm trying to be patient with the new routine starting. With the extra stress and anxiety I'm sure it could make it go up. I'm just doing the 'wait and see' right now. However, a couple of nights ago she scared me to death. I had taken her and Koen out on the trampoline to give Bob a little bit of a break (he'd picked Payton up from school and she'd been in meltdown mode for two he needed some peace!). Anyways, we weren't jumping but for a couple of seconds and she grabbed her head and screamed "what's that?". She'd never said it quite like that and I could tell she was in pain. I grabbed her and had her sit on my lap for a while and Koen continued to jump. After a bit, Payton and I stood up to jump again and Payton grabbed the inside of her upper arm and started complaining of it hurting. That got me concerned so I took the kids inside and took her blood this point I was afraid of a stroke or heart know, all ready to call for an ambulance. Her BP was high, but not abnormally high. So, we sat down and kept an eye on her. I called my mom because I was still worried about it - but her speech was okay and she seemed to be acting okay. I have no idea what caused those pains but it really did scare Bob and I. You know, it's not that I'm 'thankful' for williams syndrome, but I sure do look at things differently than I ever did before.

And Koen.....he is still going to Dawn's and having a ball. He does ask about Payton every day wondering where she is. We tell him she's going to school and he just says "OKAY!" and is out the door with his baseball helmet on (I don't know why but that boy loves wearing a baseball helmet, football helmet, or a baseball cap...he cracks me up).


Laura said...

I'm sooo glad to hear she's doing well with school.
It's so scary when they complain of something new. I never know if I should be concerned or if it's just just don't ever know with these guys!

Michelle said...

So glad is going well for Payton! She is going to have a great year!

Noel said...

I am glad that things are goign well at school for Payton. I know how it is when thye get home though...they hold it together while out and then when they relax at home all the stress comes through. I hope that her BP comes back down on it's own. I hate to think that Payton is going down the same medication path as Abi. Sending my love and let me know when you get some free time and we will drive down or your welcome to come here and we can hang out again! :)

Michelle said...

that's great that she enjoys school so much already; and how wonderful she can spend the after school time with her grandpa!

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