Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Koen!

Koen. I have no idea how to describe this wonderful gift God gave to us. We always describe him as the calm in our storm. We were so nervous about having another child because of how exhausting/frightening the first couple of years with Payton were, but we are so thankful we have Koen! Not only does he light up Bob and I's life, but he lights up Payton's too.
Happy Birthday, Bub!

Since Koen doesn't have any teeth yet his cousins thought it would be a great idea to give him some :) Koen kinda looks like he's gonna smack Tanner in this picture though!

And, Just FYI.........never leave Payton near a cake unattended. Even with me sitting right there I had no idea she was licking the cake. She is so sneaky!!!!


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday, Koen!!!

Wow, he has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. And now I know who he got them from, Mom!! What a blessing he is to your family.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Koen!!!

His eyes are just amazing, so are yours Tara. That's a beautiful picture of you and he together.

Payton is too funny!

camille said...

Yay Koen! How exciting! He is JUST so DARN cute! Those blue eyes are gonna be major heartbreakers for the ladies down the road. Happy birthday buddy!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Koen!! I agree, you guys have beautiful eyes.

Nancy said...


I love the photos. I have been known to lick a cake now and then.

Amy said...

Happy Bday Big Guy! Now I know where Koen got his gorgeous blue eyes, his mommy! Looks like a super fun bash, wish we could've been there to celebrate with you guys.

Ava Jewel Leilani said...

Happy Happy Birthday you handsome blue eyed boy! He does have your eyes Tara. How funny is that Payton licking the cake, looks like something Ava Jewel would do (she too is pretty sneaky)!

Grandma Robbie said...

I love the birthday pictures! What a fun and exciting afternoon we had. Payton has the right idea, heading straight for the icing!
It is great that you got the pictures posted right before Koen's actual birthday.
Love You All!

Every minute counts.... said...

Happy Birthday Koen!!
( okay, I feel SOOOOOOO bad that I have never got to meet him in person! We REALLY have to get together!)


abcmommy said...

Wow! Check out those peepers! You both have beautiful blue eyes! Happy Birthday, Koen! My son Charlie agrees with Payton;perhaps any 4 year-old can relate to wanting just a little lick!


Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Koen!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It was great weather for a birthday weekend. We had 7 inches of snow on Tuesday morning in Springfield!! I hope Chance is being good for you.


Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

My first thought when I looked at your pictures was "WOW, look at those beautiful eyes!" Guess I wasn't the only one who noticed.

Happy Birthday, Koen!

Michelle, Tim, Aidan & Ari said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOEN! Your family is sooo beautiful. Ari is the same way with cake...well...frosting, she could care less about the cake!

Katie said...

He is so grown up :)
What absolutely gorgeous photos of your gorgeous kids!
Payton cracks me up licking the cake like that - Jaidens the same NEVER leave him unattended near cake!!