Sunday, March 16, 2008


I'm thankful for:
*My family. This past weekend Bob was out of town. My mom came and spent the night with us so I could get a good night's sleep and she could get up with Payton. Payton was up for a couple of hours in the night and my mom took care of her so I could sleep. It means so much to me - and it's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for one's body. I feel rejuvenated. Thanks, mom.
*Time. As Amy said on her blog it's becoming more and more apparent the biggest job of our lives is not getting our children to make it in this world as adults, it's actually to help our children reach the age of adulthood. I was watching Payton play outside this weekend and suddenly in her face I saw all the features of williams syndrome. The features don't stick out to me like they used to, but for some reason this weekend they did. It's been three years since Payton's diagnosis and still I immediately catch myself praying "Oh God, I'm scared. I don't know if I can do this." We've done it for four years - but yet I still catch myself saying and thinking 'I can't do this'. There is so much to keep track of - medically and developmentally. And because of this - I'm thankful for every second I have with her.
*Patience. I'm so thankful for my husband's patience. He is so good with Payton (and Koen) - and tries to be so patient with her. It's nice to have his help and understanding in all of this.
*Door alarm. Payton escaped outside again this weekend. I hadn't heard Payton in a while and realized she could possibly be outside. I went running out there and sure enough she was in the backyard sitting in a pile of leaves just spacing off. My parents had bought us a door alarm for Christmas because we'd had this problem with Payton before (she just goes out in the freezing cold with no socks or shoes on and just runs around). Needless to say, Bob put it up as soon as he got home this weekend.


Nancy said...

Erik looked "Williamsy" this weekend in the car. It's weird how it appears and disappears sometimes. I know that feeling.

I have door alarms in our junk drawer. Maybe it's time to put them up for us, too. Erik just figured out how to unlock and open all of our doors.

BIG HUGS to you. You are an amazing mother. Bob is a great dad, too!

Every minute counts.... said...

We have the alarms on our doors. Abi has figured out to shut the door after she sneaks out so you better be able to hear the alarm from wherever you are with her. Abi also figured out how to unlock our back gate on our fenced yard. Thankfully, the dog goes with her so if the dog is out of the fence chances are good Abi is too.

It is scary.

I am glad that your mom was able to come lend a hand whiel Bob was away. I wouldn't know what I would do without my mom and husband either.


Julie said...

I know we will need alarms. My oldest was the great Houdini when she was little. I put a chain lock on the door only to have her drag a chair over and get out anyway. Wish I would have had an alarm then.

Penny said...

Check out this intersting site that sells "Child Locaters" as well as other safety products. I thought it was pretty interesting

Laura said...

It's wonderful your mom came to help you out, sometimes you just need that goodnight's sleep!

Those same thoughts have been going through my head on a daily basis...."I just can't do this" It is soooo overwhelming, especially when I think about the future. I've noticed that lately, it's starting to take a toll on Aaron, and that just makes my heart break.
I'm so glad you have such a patient and understanding makes the load a little bit lighter.