Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Payton was ecstatic yesterday because we finally got a good snow. She LOVES snow and has probably eaten about three bowls of it. This is the first time Koen has seen the snow and he is loving it too. They both bundled up, got their boots on, and went outside to play with daddy for a while.

Koen's surgery went great on Monday. I don't think I could ever be thankful enough for such an easy-going little guy. I'm so used to Payton getting so aggravated and upset anytime the nurses or doctors touch her (with the stethoscope, thermometer, etc) that it amazes me when the nurses do everything and Koen just sits there willingly. They didn't give him any medicine to make him dopey before he left us, so when the nurse came up and said she was going to have to upset him and take him for surgery, I was shocked because he just reached for her and left with her. Didn't even look back. Who would've dreamed he would've been that good about it. He was quite the bear all day from the anesthetic, but he just did great. She said his adenoids were huge and that if he would've been a bit older she would've gone ahead and taken his tonsils cause they looked like they needed to come out, but I'm hoping when we get the results from the allergy testing in a couple of weeks that we can just keep him away from whatever he's allergic to and it will take care of it.

On the way to Koen's surgery, there was a train going along side the highway. It was still dark, so the big bright light in the front of the train was shining right at us. I immediately got a big smile on my face. Payton has loved trains for about three years. I swear I can feel the energy off of her when she sees one. She screams at the top of her lungs and it's like electricity shoots out her fingers and toes. I never dreamed just seeing a train - even when by myself - would bring a smile to my face. It immediately makes me think of the joy it brings Payton.

Now that Koen had his surgery and will hopefully start feeling better, I think Payton might get back to herself. She sure has been feeding off of Koen not feeling well, being fussy, and needing us more than usual. Last night she cried for about three hours because I didn't get her out of the car. I still can't believe that got her so upset (Bob got her out of the car instead of me and it really laid havoc on the night???). So, I am very hopeful that she'll get back to herself. She is such a sweetie and I feel for her that it doesn't take much to throw her off. But, the gazillion kisses and hugs she gives me in one day (or the gazillion times she tells me I'm her best friend) totally makes up for it!


camille said...

I just wanted you to know that yesterday when Connor was watching Sesame Street, the number of the day was 8 and I immediately thought of Payton :)

Katie said...

Im glad Koen was such a brave little man, and i hope this is the end of his health dramas.
Its funny, i think of Payton whenever number 8 is on Sesame Street too!!
- i confess that i still get excited when i see trains too - you dont really get them where i live and i have only been on about 3 in my life, ive never forgotton a holiday in England when i was 6, my aunt lived behind a railway track and i was so excited i would sit there all day waiting for trains to pass....

Julie said...

Glad it all went well. Hope everyone is back to normal soon.

Nancy said...

I am always sad when I am stopped by a train and Erik isn't with me in the car. When he is, I roll down all of the windows so we can hear each noise, and the car vibrates. It's awesome. I get just as excited as he does!

Glad Koen's surgery went well! He did great!