Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy '30' Bob!

Today is Bob's birthday. It's hard to put into words how I feel about this man. I'm sure it goes without saying anything at all, though. To a man who gives everything he has to everyone....his time, his energy, his love.....and never expects anything in return. And the most amazing father in the world. Happy 30th Birthday, Bob. We love you.


Noel said...

Happy Birthday Bob!! Man, so young...just a baby really...( okay I am only 4 years older but still)
I have to say,Tara, I think that both of us have lucked out and got some really great husbands who are also really great Daddy's!

Tes said...

OK I am offically the "old one" in this bunch.

Happy Happy baby birthday to you Bob!!
You are still a young man (believe me) I wish you a great day and many more.

Julie said...

Happy Bday Bob!!!

sara said...

Happy 30th Birthday Bob! Tara was exactly right . . you are a wonderful father to your 2 little ones and I'm so glad you are my bro-in-law!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday to Bob! What a sweet post!