Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Woohoo-sleep is back!

Last night Payton slept great. She hasn't slept but maybe a couple of hours a night since last Thursday. The whole train ride got her out of whack....but she did fantastic last night. And, I immediately notice a difference in my 'frame of mind' once I get some good sleep.

Yesterday, Payton went to the ENT. She positioned herself directly in front of the door as people walked in and managed to make herself the greeter. Anyone who walked in the door was greeted with a "Hello!" or "Hi, my name's Payton!" or of course "This is my mom!". Once we got back there, the nurse said to her "Payton, you do know you're my favorite, don't you?". She told her that the last time we were there and I'm always shocked at that. Payton can be a charmer, but usually at doctor appointments she screams bloody murder. However, at this office, she loves it cause all they have to do is look in her ears so she is relaxed and just happy to be there.

This morning she had to have three shots. She suprised me and did pretty well with those. Once they were done, my mom took her to her favorite place to eat (Denny's) and she rounded the morning off with her grilled cheese sandwich (which is what she would like to eat for every meal).

It's spring break week. The weather has been PERFECT and we got some sleep last night. Can't ask for more than that!


Noel said...

AND the weather is great!! That always helps!
I am glad the hear that things are getting back on track after the trip away.
Hey, Are you guys coming next Sunday to the gym? I think there are only two more families besides us coming.

Heather said...

"good times, good times".. or another Caleb quote..
"Dis is da life"

Julie said...

Glad you are getting sleep. Noah loves grilled cheese too. Try quesadillas, they are his new favorite.

Anna said...

Sleep is good!