Friday, March 20, 2009


Payton's blood pressure has me stumped. I know they said it would take a full two weeks before knowing whether the dosage increase has helped it go down, but it's still running around 125/75-really not far from the 135/80 they don't want it reaching. When I started having blood pressure problems, all they had to give me was a water pill and it worked wonders for me (I'm sure mine was just stress related though). I really never thought we'd have any trouble getting her blood pressure to go has me stumped and makes me nervous.


Noel said...

Call me please!!!
It took quite awhile to find the right combo of medication that worked for Abi. I would call and bug the doctor every couple of days and just tell them what her BP is doing.

Penny said...

Ditto Tara. What dose is she taking? Keith went pretty quicky to 3ml twice per day of Amlodipine. Feel free to call me 727-417-9356. They have to start slow. You don't want her pressure to bottom out. Call the Doctor and give him her readings. Keep a good log and try to take it the same time/same arm every day