Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Already July?

Last week we decided to try Payton in swimming lessons. She loves the water this year - puts her floaties on and is one happy little camper. I put her in private swimming lessons thinking they would more than likely have to modify things a bit for her, but in the end it didn't work out anyways. Two different teachers tried working with her and she was bound and determined to throw a fit instead of even putting one foot in the water. As we left, the teachers said "see you next summer!". So, we'll give it a go again next summer. More than anything, I'm just happy to see her out in the water this year. Koen is still content on running around the pool throwing rocks, shoes, grass - anything he can find - in the pool. Bob and I have so much fun just sitting back and watching him. He is all boy and loves getting into anything and everything. The other evening, Koen was pulling things out of my cabinets and I overheard Payton say "can I play with you, Koen?" That was the first time I've heard her say something like that, so it was music to my ears (and pulling things out of cabinets would be right down her alley!).

This month is full of appointments for Payton. In a couple of days we head to Kansas City for the developmental pediatrician. I'm very excited to meet this doctor - and anxious to see what all he does for Payton. My mom will be making the trip with me and I'm excited to get to spend the extra time with her (and ofcourse, Payton will love that as well). She also gets her eyes checked and gets to go to her first dentist appointment. I have been putting the dental appt off because I still pretty much have to lay on top of her to brush her teeth (I know it's just sensory) so I'm guessing she will not be a happy camper. But - she may shock me to pieces and do just fine.

So far, the summer is going way too fast. I can't believe it's already July. We've never been much on fireworks since we've had Payton - obviously she hates the noise of them-but we still plan on getting together with friends and family.....Payton will be thrilled cause she'll get to eat some watermelon (that girl can eat a whole watermelon by herself if we let her!). Payton is still saying things that about blow us out of the water. For instance, the other day she went to her Aunt Sara's house and she said to Sara, "Great job getting us home, Sara!". Then when she was in the car with her other aunt, she said "Great job driving, Shawna!". She's quite the encourager. This evening she was helping me change the clothes from the washer to the dryer and she said "Thank you soooooo much for sharing". I realize some day she won't enjoy helping me with the laundry - but for now she loves it. I couldn't believe she thanked me for sharing the chores with her. Her new favorite sentence is "You're sooooo pretty" or "You're sooooo beautiful". That gets everyone wrapped around her finger pretty quickly - and I think she has that figured out :) Even though she already had me wrapped around her finger, she has me wrapped a little tighter now!


Every minute counts.... said...

The change is amazing isn't it? Abi changed like that it seems overnight. One day she just started complimenting EVERYTHING and hasn't stopped since. I knew Payton could turn on that charm!
I really hope that the dev ped is helpful. Can't wait for an update!


Julie said...

She is so sweet. You don't leave me much hope in the tooth brushing dept. Noah still battles me everynight. He is the same way about cantelope. Don't get me wrong he loves watermelon but cantelope is his favorite. He has been having a little more issues with noises lately so we may be leaving fireworks early. If he hears a motorcycle or the neighbor revving his engine he freaks. His speech therapist brought and toy that when you turned it upside down it made a cow sound, he was beside himself. He doesn't flip, he just shakes from head to toe and clings to you and climbs you like a tree. It really is pitiful. Have a nice fourth.

Michelle said...

awww...she is soo cute!
Good luck with the dev. pedi...I hope he brings good info to you.
Good luck!

Amy said...

Wow, I love reading updates on P., I know AVrey will be just like her on just a little while.

Aunt Jacque said...

Praying for a safe trip to KC and much success with all the plans for Payton with the doctor, dentist, eye test.

Love you all!
Aunt Jacque

Lisa said...

They grow up over night...so cute to hear them actualy say a sentance...We are getting more words from Tate and I think that isw amazing I'll be dancing when she actually asks a question :)