Monday, July 21, 2008


This year the WSA convention was in CA. Bob and I wanted to go, but didn't feel that Payton was ready to make that trip yet (and after the past two weekends we've had, we KNOW she wasn't ready yet). Nancy and Laura were able to make the trip and they posted about it on their blogs. Their pictures and posts made me feel like I was there. I'm so glad they were able to go and share their experience with us.

Payton had her eye exam on Saturday. She obviously cried most of the time, but I can't imagine how big that equipment looks to any child. I got tickled because they were having her answer questions on cards, such as "What number is the arrow pointing to?" or "How many circles are there?" and her answer was always....."EIGHT!" I finally just told the lady that no matter how many times you ask her, she will answer the number eight. The lady just looked at me funny, but it's true :) They weren't able to use any of the equipment with Payton, but they got enough information to know that she didn't need glasses and her eyes were just fine. Yeah! Friday we go to the dentist and I'm guessing I won't get as good of news from him. But, nice thing is, it's her baby teeth and she will lose them. Hopefully brushing her teeth will be going a lot smoother by the time she starts losing her baby teeth and getting her permanent teeth in.

This weekend I'm going to do my best and push Bob out the door to go back to his home town and play in an alumni baseball game and just spend some time with his brothers. He really needs to just get away and have some time to himself. He usually deals with things ten thousand times better than I do, but for some reason he is really having a hard time right now. Hopefully I can get him to just get away for the weekend and have some time to himself.


Julie said...

Glad she doesn't need glasses. Yeah I am hoping for the same thing with teeth brushing. Uggggggh! It is a nightmare. Don't you love when people give you those weird looks. I had a similar experience at the eye doctor. I told the tech that he had WS and was delayed and she kept asking him questions that he didn't understand. Very frustrating.

Katie said...

~groan~ eye doctors!! I had the same thing at an optometrist but when we went to a opthamologist lady she was great she gave Jai a big card with pictures of things on it then flashed up one of these things at a time on her screen and had Jai point to the right one, worked a treat!