Monday, February 16, 2009

Payton got her Denny's

Payton's favorite place in the world to eat is Denny's. I'm not real sure why, she always just gets her grilled cheese sandwich and fruit, but that's where she always wants to go. We made a promise to her that if she let us take her blood pressure, we'd take her to Denny's, but until Denny's. Well, she finally let us take it (with the manual one, ofcourse. The automatic one scares her to death). It is elevated (which is what my gut has told me for about a month or so because of her headaches, her irritability, tiredness, and even complaining of her eyes hurting). I called Noel (my expert) and talked to her for a bit.....and will just go ahead and call her cardiologist tomorrow. The good news is that her kidneys looked great!

Sunday, I took Payton skating. I was exhausted by the time we left, but she had a great time. I dont' know how many times I picked her up off the floot(she held onto the wall and to my hand) but she loved every second of it. And she has bruises all over her legs and bottom to prove it! Her cousins Laney, Ellie and Brianna went too - so Payton thought it was the best party ever. I'll try and post some pictures of it soon.

On a side note, we really feel like we can see a difference in Koen after taking him off of the milk. He's eating better (which you could never really tell he didn't eat well cause he's just a little butterball) and he is just 'himself'. He's talking more, seems to be hearing more, and sleeping really well. Silly me had no idea a milk allergy could cause ear infections. Hopefully this will take care of them for good. The other evening I was at my folk's house and he was off in the playroom by himself. Wouldn't you know, we found him standing on top of the dresser. Ofcourse, part of me had to be proud of him because Payton still would not be able to figure out (problem-solve) how to get up there and even if she could, heights are really not her thing. So, as the outside of me was scolding him about climbing up there, the inside of me was saying "nice job Koen!".


Julie said...

I am glad you got an accurate blood pressure. Glad you found something to help Koen.

Kerry said...

LOL about Koen - must have been a sight to see him on the dresser!

Congrats on Payton and skating - I can't imagine Brady doing that. It must have been a hoot.

Does she like Country Buffet? You get to walk around and pick your own food - THAT'S always fun!!

Noel said...

I am so glad that you got her to take her BP. The thought crossed my mind while you were here I should have taken Abi's and then maybe Payton wouldn't have been so worried about it. That worked with ABi I would take everyone else's and she just wanted to be like them. Now it is no big deal.
Hope that things end up okay with the BP.
I love the Koen story. I would have had a hard time getting too mad too. It's funny now that you appreciate all the thought and hard work that goes into stuff like that you don't freak out as much.:)
We have thought about taking Abi skating maybe we should....

Tes said...

I am gonna have to use bribery to get Lila to get a blood pressure. We still can't get a decent monitor. That Koen...all i can say is watch out mommy.

Michelle said...

and she looks so proud of herself with the cuff on her arm too! I wish I could convince Kayla so easily to go somewhere in exchange for taking her BP - now she thinks they're going to take blood if they put anything on her arm!