Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Payton to KC

I just got a call from Bob....Payton had her test this morning on her kidneys (which I'm sure all is fine because they didn't have to go see the doc immediately after). They had to leave at 5:30 this morning, so we assumed she would sleep the whole way and it would be a peaceful drive. What were we thinking?! He said he put her in the car and she looked at him and said "GREAT JOB being quiet daddy!" That's pretty much our little girl....she bounced right up ready to go :)

Yesterday I called Koen's ENT because he had another ear infection and she said they had the results back on his allergy. He's allergic to milk! Never would've guessed that. But, glad we now know and can keep him off of milk. Which, after Payton's hypercalcemia, it should be an easy adjustment for us. I'm just glad to know why he kept getting the silly ear infections.

This past weekend Payton and I took a trip to Harrisonville to visit Abi and Noel. We had such a great time! I've got some pictures I'll post later - they really are two peas in a pod. And, I'm also very envious because I saw Abi's ABA therapy book and I really wish I could find a behavior therapist to do that well with Payton. We recently tried the weighted blanket (Payton's been having some absolutely awful days) but she hated the weighted blanket. We'll just keep trying different things.....for now, a blanket heated in the dryer and then wrapped tightly around her seems to be doing really well. You can almost see her face instantly relax. But I am so thankful I got to spend the day with Noel. I swear she is like a breath of fresh air :)


Noel said...

Right back at you! I think it is so nice to just feel like you are not alone!
I hope that everything ends up okay with the kidney ultrasound. Koen- allergic to milk of all things! I wouldn't have picked that to cause all the ear issues...I guess you learn something new everyday, huh!

Kerry said...

How great that you got to spend some time together!

Just a note - one of the WS moms has a spandex-type bodysuit on her son the OT recommended. It is not heavy, but gives him his sense of "where he is in space". I am planning on looking into it for Brady after we're out of the hospital.

tara said...

Interesting - I'm going to have to look into this. That was really nice of you to take the time to post this.....since I know you're at the hospital right now. You never cease to amaze me, kerry! give Brady our love,

Perrin Hall said...

I know! Isn't it weird to see someone on TV who has some of the same mannerisms you see in your child?! Its like watching a cousin or something! Hopefully, the show will find some success and stay on for a good while.

Hope the kidney tests turned out well! And its so cool that you guys got to go hand out with Abi and Noel! Glad you had a great time!