Wednesday, February 18, 2009

She keeps on impressing me!

Well, this morning Payton wanted to take her blood pressure with the automatic machine. She calls it the "white one". The cuff for the manual one is black and the automatic one is white. Ofcourse lately she's been saying she wants a red one. Can you tell she's obsessed with it now? The other evening she wouldn't go outside and play unless she got to take the cuff out with her. She cracks me up. Actually, it's amazing to me. Two weeks ago she would go crazy anytime she saw the cuff - now, she welcomes it. She doesn't get worked up at all and just sits there patiently. This morning when she woke up it was 137/77. Looking at the BP chart for her age, weight, height it should be around 91/52. And, we've managed to be blessed with a babysitter who used to be a nurse's aid and can take Payton's blood pressure at different times during the day so we can give her doctor an idea what it's doing throughout the day.

What can I say? I'm proud of our little girl for being able to relax and have her blood pressure taken calmly.


Michelle said...

That is amazing! Good for you and for Payton!

Julie said...

That is awesome.