Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Father and Daughter

Payton has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Can you tell?

Well, it sounds like Payton will start receiving her OT soon. This is the therapy she is in most need of so I'm very excited about this. It'll be another home visit, but not too much longer and she'll start receiving her therapy at school again (in the fall).


Julie said...

That is a beautiful picture.

Every minute counts.... said...

That really is funny that the two of us post pics of girls and their daddy's. I can tell that Payton is the boss, just like my two are the boss' of Chris. I think it is wonderful to have dads that are so into their kids :) Makes my job just a little bit easier!

Love the picture!


Penny said...

Beautiful picture!

Katie said...

What a special photo, just beautiful!
Wonderful news about the OT too :)

Heather said...

very sweet! I think she looks like daddy!

Nancy said...


Amy said...

What a great looking Littlejohn duo.I just read your blog from Monday. Thakns again for sharing, Avery shares similar traits although not so extreme. Last night after b-day celebrations she cried herself to sleep. It always happens after a long day like that. And then this morning, still emotional, threw her breakfast on the floor): And then she would cry after she did it, poor thing. But I would not have connected this mornings episode to last night unless you had posted this about Payton, so thank you.