Monday, February 18, 2008


There were always the things I couldn't wait to hear, such as "mama" and "I love you" from Payton. And, after waiting so long, it took a while before tears no longer came to my eyes when I would hear those words. Ofcourse there are still things I ache for her to be able to tell me. For instance, when she is sick I would love for her to be able to tell me exactly what hurts or when she is hungry I would love for her to tell me instead of all of a sudden going into a huge meltdown and meanwhile I'm trying to figure out exactly what is the matter (is it sensory, is she hungry, is she cold). But, I know this will eventually just hasn't happened yet. This weekend I felt like we hit a major milestone. I was trying to get Payton dressed for children's choir and had grabbed a pair of blue jeans. As I was trying to slip them on Payton's leg she said "I don't like jeans! They hurt!". I don't know why, but I questioned it and tried again to put them on her. Sure enough, she said it again. "It hurts!" It feels so good to know that she is simply not comfortable in jeans. I remember when her first OT was working with her and she told me that everyone has something that 'irritates' them. For myself, I immediately thought of a cotton ball. Just holding a cotton ball in my hand is 'uncomfortable' to me - strange, I know, but it is. It just gives me the willies. The OT told me that we all have things that bother us, but the children she works with are not really even comfortable in their own skin and she helps them become comfortable. Yesterday when Payton told me the jeans hurt her, I thought back about the conversation I'd had with the OT (and thought about how abrasive a cotton ball can feel to me). I'm so thankful she is able to express to me that jeans are not comfortable to her......another milestone under our belt!


Every minute counts.... said...

That is so true. I have one son who loves jeans and another who can't stand them!! Everyone does have things that bother them and that they can't tolerate. I am so glad Payton is more able to let you in on these things. Payton's ability to communicate this kind of stuff will cut down on the meltdowns I'm sure.

Amy said...

I was just thinking something like this, especially n regards to when I am getting Avery dressed. She hates getting dressed and I know it is sensory, but don't know if it is the process of getting dressed or the clothes. Hmmmm. So great about Payton though!!!! I think since Avery can walk know I am just going to put in her dresses all summer and see if that helps(: "She a girl!"

Michelle, Tim, Aidan & Ari said...

What fabulous communication! Great Job Payton!

Kerry said...

How cool - I am awaiting SOME kind of info from Brady too. I'm glad you are getting a headstart :)