Monday, February 11, 2008

Ready for Spring

When I was younger I loved winter. Now that I have children I'm ready for it to be warm so we can all get out there and burn off some energy. Come on Spring! The past two days I stayed home with the kids. Koen has a double ear infection (started antibiotics Saturday but it wasn't working so we switched to a new one today) and he was finally diagnosed with asthma. He's a little wheezer - has been since he was born - so it was nice to finally hear them say - yep, it's asthma. And hopefully in a month or so he can get some tubes in his ears to keep those little infections at bay. And - Koen signed 'more' for the first time today! It's funny how the first time you see your child sign you about fall over. You try and try and try to teach it to them thinking they aren't ever going to do it - then all of a sudden, bam, he signs. Payton didn't sign until she was about 18 months or so (I waited until she clapped and then thought she could probably do it) and I did the same with Koen - once he started clapping I tried signing with him. Today, he did it!

Yesterday morning started off with Payton popping up at 5am. She wanted to see her daddy so I told her she could run in the other room and see him. It wasn't such a good idea, our alarm goes off at 5am and it scared her to death. Bob got the alarm shut off and came in to check on Payton since she was so upset. He thought she was cold because she was shaking so bad, but it really just shook her up. So far, we haven't found a clock that doesn't scare her to death, but we'll just keep trying. Needless to say, all I heard about yesterday was the clock. I told Bob if I heard "no more clocky" one more time I was going to scream! She basically went from "no noise" to "bad clock" to "no more clocky" all day. It's days like that when I'm thankful we have a diagnosis because I seriously think I would have trouble figuring out why she couldn't get past the whole clock issue if I didn't know she had ws. At the end of the day, I just had to laugh at it. Before bed she watched Bob carry it out of the house so she would sleep better. Today, I haven't heard about it but maybe 50 times :)

Oops, spoke too soon. Payton was in the other room asleep and I heard her call out for me. I went in there and she said "no more clocky". I said "Remember, daddy took it outside so we don't have to worry about it." She sat up and said "I LUB (love) clocks!" with a huge grin. She does this when she's trying to talk herself into liking it. I swear, I love that little girl to pieces.


Heather said...

Tara, our alam clock is great. I'm sure I mentioned it to you before. It is a Homedics alarm clock/radio/sound machine. The alarm sound is actually a very ear/nerve friendly beep. Very 'pleasent' sounding. Or you can wake up to the sounds,which don't wake us up. The best thing about it is the alarm actually has a volume control. We keep ours low. It doesn't wake us up on the first beep, but after a couple of seconds we hear it. You can find them at Rite Aid... or probably get on online at the homedics web site.

Laura said...

I'm with you.....totally ready for spring!!!! My kids are home AGAIN today for a snowday.....ahhhhhh

Michaela's like that with fire alarms and fireworks. God forbid I burn anything, Mark & I rush to pull out the battery in the alarm.

Every minute counts.... said...

I hope that you guys find a clock that works for Payton. It is so hard to find a good that will still wake you up without freaking her out!
I hope you didn't get too much ice down there. I thought of you when I was on the hiway and saw cars going north covered in ice once again. You guys have gotten your fair share of bad weather this year!!
I hope that Koen starts to feel better. Maybe tubes will be the answer.

Julie said...

I too am ready for spring. The kids have been off due to snow for the past 2 days. Poor Payton. I hope you find an alarm clock soon that works. Lexi had to have tubes in her ears when she was little. It really was a piece of cake.