Monday, February 25, 2008


This past weekend we went to West Plains to see Bob's family. The trip is only about three hours - not bad at all. However, it's amazing what a trip like that can do to Payton. I'm happy to say that we can now almost 'read' Payton as to when things are beginning to get a bit much for her and we either take her to another room by herself or take her outside where things are calmer. It was Bob's mom's 60th birthday and we were attending her suprise party at a restaurant. I was so proud of Payton - she did so well. And, when we could see that Payton was getting overwhelmed Bob would take her outside for a bit. Eventually we just took her outside and then went ahead and went on back to the house. I feel for Payton - she takes so much in and then eventually it's all got to come back out. Around nine o'clock that night she let loose for about an hour or so and just screamed and cried until she was able to get it all out of her system. Bob's mom ofcourse felt bad and said she hated that coming to her house does this to her. I told Wanda not to think a thing about it - it happens everywhere she goes, it's just usually we are able to take her home to where she can regroup herself and be in her usual surroundings. The next morning we tried taking her to church, but it was so loud she couldn't handle the noise. She kept saying "hurt my ears" so I just took her back to the house again. Communication is great - I used to wonder why she'd scream and never make it thru a service. Now I know why....and once we leave she is just fine.

On the way home, Payton screamed and cried for about two and half hours of the trip....once again needing to get all the emotions out from the weekend. That makes a car ride extremely stressful. Bob and I realized why we hadn't made that trip in a while! It's so tough on Payton - she really has to come home and be 'de-sensitized'. It's strange - it's not while we're there that the meltdowns begin, it's usually when everyone has left or when things settle down that she lets her guard down and just lets it all go. Payton spent most of her evening on a huge emotional roller coaster ride - and it usually takes her about a week to settle back in, so I'm hoping by the weekend she'll be back to herself. Bob and I just sat there on the sofa last night in a's tough seeing your child unable to handle changes in routine.....I'm very hopeful as she gets older traveling will be so much easier. (Koen's got to be hoping that too!!). And-I'm extremely thankful that my mom gives me a shoulder to cry on when Bob and I feel emotionally exhausted as well.

I once again felt my heart drop into my stomach when checking everyone's blogs last night. I was devastated to see that Michaela's MRI had shown a brain tumor. I wish we all lived close so we could be there for each other in person. Please continue to keep Abi, Ava Jewel, Ava, Blake, and Michaela in your prayers.


Penny said...

I am sorry Payton had such a rough time. I do know how you feel. this is exactly how Keith was before the medication and still can be every one in a while. I hope it gets better for her

Julie said...

Sorry you had a rough time. I think it has to affect the whole family. I get what you said about us all living closer. It would be so nice to have that support system.

Aunt Jacque said...

I love you Tara, Bob, Payton and Keon. It is wonderful the loving care you provide for Payton and Keon they are so lucky to have you for parents. Praying travel will become easier.

Tara said...

Thank you so much aunt jacque. We love you!