Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well, we're officially in our new house. It ofcourse doesn't feel like home yet, but it won't take long. My poor daughter is having an awful time adjusting, but I know in a couple of weeks she should be doing just fine. Friday morning I had planned on having the morning to get some things packed and cleaned up (she would be at preschool), but she woke up with blisters on her arm and back. It honestly looked like she'd been burned but I told Bob I would've known if she'd got burned because she would've screamed in pain and never did. Turns out, she'd been bitten by a blister bug. I've heard of these bugs before, but had no idea they really do cause blisters! We didn't have to take her to the doctor or anything (although she was requesting to go) but they really have annoyed her and basically set her off from the moment she woke up. So, Friday was an exhausting day for her and I. (Actually it was at the point I was questioning whether I was going to make it through the day :)

Saturday we couldn't have asked for the move to go any smoother. We had everything loaded in the trailers and trucks by 8:30am and my sisters and I worked on cleaning. I think by 2pm both parties had gotten moved into each other's homes and we were set. I had my mom bring Payton in around noon or so, but within a couple of hours she was already WAY overstimulated, so Bob just took her up to our room and spent some one-on-one quiet time with her until she was able to calm down. It helped, but she really has been emotional all weekend.

Koen seems to be enjoying the new house, digging everything out of cabinets and inspecting everything - like I would expect him to :) He's just gotta make sure he knows where everything is! I already feel like a big load is lifted off my shoulders. The house is smaller, the yard is smaller, no pool to clean, etc. I just feel 'lighter'. It's funny how you look at things......I needed things to be more simple because I have a daughter who requires so much of our time (and strength). I'd give up everything I own to see my daughter not have to walk this road. I really do hate what williams syndrome does to their bodies. I've listened to my daughter complain of nonstop tummy aches (it's nerves), wake up in the night shaking with her fingers in her ears because she's dreaming of a noise that's not even occurring at the time, and then this weekend I watched her run up to a car that had stopped to welcome us to the neighborhood and she tried to get in the driver's side door and the passenger side door. Ugh, teaching stranger anxiety is tough. I took Payton to preschool this morning after her long weekend away from it. She was still talking about the whistle, saying her tummy hurt, and she wanted to go home. Isn't it funny, I really think part of us thought when we moved to a new house things would be different (okay, not really, but we can dream, right?). I really really really just want her to be happy.


Every minute counts.... said...

I have been thinking of you all weekend. Abi watching her grandparents move was AWFUL!She did not understand at all, what was going on. She was so nervous. I can only imagine what Payton and the rest of you were feeling.I was feeling your pain with ya this weekend though~!

Maybe she just needs a planned visit with a friend! ( hint, Hint!)
Maybe we all just need that.

Laura said...

I hope she settles in soon, poor thing.
Keeping you in my thoughts.

Heather said...

Caleb was never bothered by our moves. He couldn't have cared less. :)
I hope Payton gets settled soon.
Running up to the car and trying to get in is something Cale would have done. He also would have been kicking and screaming as I pulled him away from the car. Good first impression right? LOL!
Your little man reminds me of my oldest at that age. He would always tear every book off the shelves and pull everything out of the cupboards. I always thought too that he just needed to know where everything was. He was a smart little guy.
hope you new home starts feeling more like home sweet home soon...
thinking of you all.

Amy said...

Tara, I am so moved by what you said about giving up everything for your daughter because you are actually giving stuff away (space, pool, etc...) to make live better and easier. I think this is an amazing lesson for me as a parent on how to live the life you have been given to the fullest. Simplicity. Good luck in your new home and I hope you have many, many years of happiness there.

Michelle said...

I hope it won't be too long for her to get adjusted to the new house!

Kayla doesn't realize about "stranger danger" either, but you know what? We were at the zoo this weekend for a military night. A lady I play Bunco with came up to us asking if we had seen her daughter and I asked what she was wearing. She described her outfit and went off in another direction. I found her a few minuted later and asked "You're Emma right? Your mom is looking for you" and she started walking off with me - I realized she didn't know who I was at all and here she was just walking off with a stranger, I found her brother though and let him take her to mom. So even typical kids sometimes don't think about stranger danger either (Emma is 4 or 5).