Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two weeks

Well, Payton's been in school about two weeks now and after last night, I would say she is beginning to adjust! She talked pretty much from the second I picked her up til close to midnight. From 9:00pm on she was in bed, but she was still talking. Finally I told her she could look at books and talk all she wanted, but I was going to go to sleep. I'm usually not comfortable doing that with her because I fear she will just take off and leave to wander around (or run in Koen's room and wake him up) but I was ready to crash. She must've talked herself to sleep because when I woke up in the middle of the night she was sound asleep.

I keep trying to ask her different questions to see if she's made any friends while at school but so far the only child's name she mentions is Tarin. Then, she ofcourse names her teachers as her friends. So when I was talking to her about it yesterday I said "So, the teachers are your friends too?" Her response....."No, their SNAKES!" I have no idea where that came from or why in the world she would call them snakes, but she did :)

I get tickled at Payton because she can give me bits of things that happened throughout the day, but I really have to try and put the pieces together to figure out what may have happened. I say 'may' have happened because a lot of times she just makes things up (for instance, last night she told me her daddy pushed her off of her bike......and I know that didn't happen :). I've also found that if I ask the same question ten times, but use different wording, I might finally end up with an answer. She told me that Shawna (her aide) told her "No!" and that it hurt her ears and she cried (cried like a baby is what she told me :). After about ten to fifteen minutes I finally came to the conclusion that she was coloring on the floor. NOT a suprise to me at all! I reminded her again that we are only supposed to write on the paper - but one reason we do not keep pens, crayons, etc anywhere within her reach is because even though she knows better she will still grab them and write on everything.....walls, furniture, floor, etc. I do wonder when she will start using these things appropriately. She works on using crayons and pencils (holding them correctly) but she really has no interest whatsoever in drawing. I also wonder about scissors - her hands still seem awkward when trying to use them. They work a lot with her on it in OT, but something that seems so easy really is difficult for her hands to figure out. She'll get it figured out though, I expect it to be quite a while before she does well with or can even use scissors.

The only 'not so happy' thing yesterday was we discovered Payton is prolapsing again. It's only been a year since they fixed it last time......and I'm guessing low muscle tone is really the cause of it all. For now, we're just going to do fiber fiber fiber and just kind of wait and see before we call the specialist. She's had a lot going on the past month or so, so maybe we can kind of take care of this on our own.

Anyways, just had to share my news that Payton is getting back to herself - sleep is not there yet, but she'll get there shortly I would say. Too bad school doesn't 'exhaust' her :)


Michelle said...

If it's any help to know that neither of my children can tell me about their day...they are both so zonked when they get home they don't know their own names. Sadly Ari will tell me things and I often disregard or don't believe her and they are often true...I need to learn to trust her more. But honestly what you get from Payton about school is what I get from both my kids. Trying asking really detailed questions - it seems to help - like who did you sit next to at least it works for me.

Julie said...

I am glad she is getting back to herself. Tara I am working with 3 and 4 year olds at the daycare and some of the 4 year olds that are not delayed cannot hold scissors the right way. I wouldn't worry about that. I am so sorry about the prolapse. It is a concern for me also since Noah gets constipated so easily. I hope it doesn't get worse. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Penny said...

Wow, I think she is doing great. Keith can't even begin to tell me about his day. It makes me so sad. When I ask him about his day, he says, "Elevators" "Doors" over and over again. There aren't even any elevators at school.....and scissors????? OMG, Keith can't hold scissors....and crayons, pens, pencils, etc? He cannot hold them properly, let alone write or color with them. I WISH he could draw on the floors. (Not really, but you know what I mean)

Payton is way ahead of Keith, I am sure probably due to Keith's dual diagnosis.

Ugh, I am sorry about the prolapse. Have been there. Does she like Pears? They really work for Keith. I also give him Benefiber every night (2 tsp).

Keep your chin up.


Amy said...

Oh good. Getting back to "normal" must be great. I will tell you what, I think it is more than fine to let Payton start being on her on after a certain time at night, if she can entertain herself that is good because you need your rest to function and it sounds like she does ok without you. I actaully leave Avery's door closed so she can't get out....she hasn't learned to turn the knobs yet, thank god!

Michelle said...

I'm glad to hear she is beginning to adjust at school - that is good news!

Fine motor skills seem to be one of Kayla's weakest areas, and I still catch her coloring on the floor or table no matter how many times we stress on the paper only!

sorry to hear about the prolapse!