Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lovin the Teacher

Last night, Mrs. Miller called us to check on Payton. Wow- what a good impression that made! Neither of us expected that at all and we were totally shocked and thrilled. It's going to be a work in process, but needless to say she was just fine with going to preschool today since it was raining and they couldn't go outside :) The day seems a bit brighter when you know you've got a good team trying to make it go smoothly for her.


Tes said...

Tara it will work out, it seems you have a teacher that is willing to communicate with you and listen, not just talk AT you. Does that make sense? I will pray for our girl's tummy and nerves. big hug!

Laura said...

I am so happy for you with preschool It is so great that you have a teacher that is understanding your concerns.
God Bless!

mich said...

Hi Tara,
We have a 15 month old little boy with Williams Syndrome. We are just learning our way around our new world. Adam sleeps very little and has never had a "normal" sleep schedule. I noticed you mentioned Payton is not sleeping because she is worried about the whistle. Has she always had sleep issues or is it only when she has worries? We have just not found any links to Williams and sleep issues and the doctors do not seem to have any answers. Adam is a sweet baby and we were blessed to learn at 2 months that he had williams. We are now getting to the point of figuring out what all we need to do for him! :) Thanks in advance for any tips!

Julie said...

That is awesome. I am glad she seems interested in helping Payton do well and adjust.

Kelly Dombroski said...

Its a great sign when you have a teacher to go that extra mile for your kid. Hopefully the whitsle blowing will behind her soon. Payton enjoy your school year!

Penny said...

That is awesome!