Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Social Bug

This past week I've realized what a social bug Payton is. She's always been talkative, but now she really goes full force. Yesterday she had an appointment with the ENT. On the way down, she continued to roll down her window, wave at passing cars and yell "HI!" at the top of her lungs. I loved it! We left a little early for the doctor's appointment because Payton was so excited to go (this still shocks me) because she couldn't wait to play with their toys and read their books (actually, I think she just wanted to go visit with everyone in the waiting room). As usual, we went to Braum's and got her some sherbert beforehand to waste some time so we wouldn't get to the office way too early. She was full of hi's and hello's and what's your name? to everyone - some people spoke back, some smiled, and some just kinda looked at her. I really do wish I had Payton's personality! As we were eating, a man came from outside and when he was about three tables away she started yelling "Swiper no swiping! Swiper no Swiping! Swiper NOOOOO Swiping!". Obviously we've watched way too much Dora. I'm sure the guy had no idea what she was saying or why in the world she was yelling at him but I was about to roll on the floor laughing.

Next it was off to the ENT. She worked the waiting room like she usually does - greeting everyone and finding out everyone's names and then they called us back. With the help of my hand and the nurse's she stood on the scale (very cautiously), we got her weight and off we went to the room. The nurse asked if she could take Payton's temperature in her ear and Payton said "SURE!", so that was a piece of cake. Payton asked what her name was and she said "Desiree". Payton responded with "Hi Desiree!" and the nurse just talked and talked with her. As the nurse was leaving Payton yelled "Bye Desiree!" and the nurse smiled and stuck her head back in the door and said "you know, she is one of our favorites". Ahh, even though they probably say that to all of their patient's moms it still made my heart melt.

When Dr. Walker walked in she couldn't believe how tall Payton had gotten. Payton immediately started asking Dr. Walker what she was doing, what she had and started trying to grab all of her equipment. Dr. Walker laughed and said "my, someone has gotten bolder!" She couldn't believe it was the same Payton she saw six months ago - how well she was talking, how much she'd grown, etc. Her tubes were still in (one ear she couldn't see for sure because of the blood and wax but she was pretty sure it was still in there). She's always called Payton the Queen of the Bloody Ears. I've always guessed it's because she loves to stick things in them (and in her nose!). But, her ears looked great :)

Once again on the way home she rolled her window down to wave and yell hi to everyone as we passed. I love seeing Payton this way - happy. And I think she even made some other people happy because they sure did smile when she waved as we passed.


Heather said...

that great WS personality is really shining through. I was almost at my wits end today at the store because Caleb was talking to absolutely every single person that passed us. He is obsessed with the halloween decor and chatted about that with about 2 different women. Then he walked toward an older guy like he was frankenstein, then he asked an old lady, "Excuse me lady, Do you need some help?" so embarassing! You think I would be used to it by now.
:)I'm glad you are loving it! Keep that attitude. xoxo, Heather

Tara said...

Your son cracks me up!

Every minute counts.... said...

See I knew that personality would come out soon! Most of the time it is fun to see how others react to the bold happiness our children spread. I have to say that most people truly do love them and remember them. I'm sure they don't tell every mom that their child is one of the favorties...just yours. Be proud of that new foudn happiness. I hope it continues to bring joy to everyone she touches.


Michelle said...

It sounds like she had just the most wonderful day!

Julie said...

Aren't days like that great? Glad the Dr visit went well. Sometimes they are just awful.

Amy said...

Yay! A toast to happiness and progress, and good days!

Tes said...

They are vessels of happiness. I love how they can brighten someone's day, especially in the cars. A few times we have to pass an area that a lot of day labors gather early in the morning, she never fails to put the window down and yell "GOOOOD MUURNNNING EVERBODY", smiles abound and lots of waving back. I hope you have more and more "good" days.

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