Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spa Time

Since Payton was born there's been someone I've Just like every other mom in the world, I forget to take time for myself. Last month for my birthday, Bob got me and my mom a trip to the spa for a massage, facial, manicure and shampoo/style. Today was the day and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to drive home afterwards! I felt rejuvenated and ready to go. They told my mom she had years of knots in her back they needed to work out. hehehe. I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my mom. I actually wish my sisters could've gone with us. The last time all four of us got together was when I first found out I was pregnant with Payton. Looking at it now, it's kinda sad we don't make the time to do that more often. Life gets busy, kids are involved in activities, etc - it's just tough. But, it was more than nice to be able to spend time with my mom (usually it's spent taking Payton to the doctor or something and that was not the case this time!). Today did open my eyes to how taking care of myself really helps me take care of my family as well. Why do mom's feel guilty doing that???? (I always give myself a guilt trip!)

Payton's still doing fantastic. This evening we took her to a suprise birthday party for one of my friends. We usually are very 'choosy' on parties that we attend because we know what Payton does to people's homes (hehehehe). The party was at my friend's parents house and Bob and I are crazy about them. Payton did her usual 'find the games/boxes and empty them all out' and took every toy off the shelf down and pretty much destroyed the playroom while the other kids all played together. But - she had a ball and we just picked it all up before we left. She was full of "what's your name?" to everyone and could not wait to yell "SUPRISE" when she walked in the door. I love seeing her this way - she's happy and settled. I can handle the hyperactivity, the going nonstop with no direction, etc the hardest part for me is the anxiety and meltdowns and the past few days she seems to have settled in and is not experiencing it nearly as much. I was questioning whether the medication was working any longer, but now I realize it's still working she was just needing to adjust to going to preschool. She still tells me she doesn't like preschool, but she's sleeping better, so I feel better about it.

Koen.....he inspires me. He loved watching the 'big' kids play tonight and even tried to get in there and join them. He acted like he owned the place and wouldn't slow down enough to eat a single bite - I loved it! He really thinks he's a big boy and oddly enough he is capable of being worn down and goes to sleep quickly at night and requires sleep! (I don't know why I find this amazing, but after having Payton I really thought every child must not require much sleep) :) He still amazes me at every turn - I feel like I'm witnessing a miracle every second of the day.


Penny said...

So glad to hear you took time for yourself

Amy said...

Wow for Payton! I like hearing the good about the good stuff.

Julie said...

Glad you are taking care of yourself.

Laura said...

I'm so gald you took time for yourself.

Michelle said...

what a wonderful birthday present to spend time at the spa with your mom!