Monday, September 22, 2008

Then and Now

Our weekend was great. We didn't do anything spectacular - which is always my idea of a good weekend :) I love being at home and just watching the kids play. It is obvious to me that Payton has adjusted to preschool and is doing much better emotional-wise. She still complains of her stomach hurting when we get there (or anytime she talks about it) but I do believe she generally enjoys being with all the other children. Because she has adjusted, it's easier for me to notice the changes in her since she has been on anxiety medication.
THEN: If we went somewhere (restaurant, ballgame, car, etc) and it was too loud, she would scream, kick, bite, etc. without giving any type of notice that noises were even bothering her.
NOW: She tells us it's too loud. She asks to leave or says "we get outta here". She doesn't scream or cry anymore. Sure, she may whimper and that's my que, but it's not nearly the fits she would previously throw.

THEN: Payton wouldn't obey - hardly ever.
NOW: She actually tries to listen and obey. Don't get me wrong, the impulsiveness is still there.....I get tickled at her because she knows when she is not supposed to do something and she'll say "but I have to". She's still impulsive but since the meltdowns aren't there, it's easier to handle.

THEN: Payton was more to herself, didn't really pay attention to anyone around her. I think she was completely focused on what was coming up next.
NOW: Payton acknowledges EVERYONE! My favorite question from her is "What's that?". She says this while pointing at someone. So, what she is really meaning is "Who's that?"....she just asks it in a different way :) Everyone gets a "Hi!" from her. There's actually been two times now that we've been in our driveway and older kids have rode their bicycles by and said "Hi Payton" and I had no idea who they were. She is obviously making herself known.

THEN: Payton couldn't sit thru church. She wouldn't even try covering her ears, she would just meltdown and we'd leave about five minutes into it.
NOW: Payton does well. She doesn't make it thru the whole service, but she puts her fingers in her ear when it gets loud. She even made it through the choir singing, which in the past has been awful for her. This past Sunday she yelled "GREAT JOB!" after they were finished. And, during prayer, I heard her singing the hymn we had just finished singing. Beautiful.

As you can see, she's doing quite well. I do believe she could talk 24/7 withouth pausing to take a breath. She has shown me that she will not know a stranger and will walk up to anyone and everyone and ask them what their name is. I'm loving her contagious happiness.
And, on to Koen. He's not my baby anymore(as you can see from his picture). He went to his 18 month appointment today. He weighed a big ole 23 lbs and is my happy little camper as usual. He's got such a wonderful personality and giggles just like the mouse "Gus" on Cinderella (the little chunky mouse). He's got about 8 teeth in now and just seeing his smile makes me melt. He's now starting to talk (saying cheese when it's time to smile for the camera, he says "shoe", etc) and most importantly he understands so much of what we say! I remember when Payton was three wondering when in the world she was going to start understanding what I was saying. I feel blessed to experience this with Koen. Don't get me wrong, Payton is a blessing. She has changed us for the better - but to see Koen doing things so quickly is like a miracle. I really do not know what I would do without my children.


Julie said...

Sounds like she is doing great. Love the pics.

Ava Jewel Leilani said...

Tara what a wonderful post, I am so happy to read how well Payton is doing and just love seeing pictures of Payton and Koen, wow he is growing so quickly. Both lovebugs! PS from what I can see, pretty cool mural.

sara said...

Wow! I see Koen all the time, but to see his picture really shows how he's not a baby anymore. Of course, Ellie has known that for quite some time now . . .he's "boy" not "baby"!! I'm so proud of Payton. She is doing so well!

Amy said...

Great news that you can see such a dramatic change. I think as parents it is hard to know what the right decision is, and at least in this case you get some confirmation. Avery says "What's that" about 200 hundred times a day right now, it is a bit much, lol, but what can I do? Avery has a hard time obeying, but does ok, not great. She gives me the most ornery look when she is doing something she knows is wrong. It is strange to me! I think she gets it from me.

camille said...

Tara, I loved your then and now list. That was really refreshing to read, especially when you feel like things have been basically the same for so long. Ahh, there's hope. I'm so glad she is communicating better with you and is doing so well with others. And Koen, well he's just a cutie pie. Those big blue eyes are gonna be heartbreakers!

Heather said...

Amazing! It does take awhile, but it comes. It took a long time till I could look back and say I was sincerely enjoying Caleb. Your children are beautiful!

Michelle said...

wow there is so much difference in Payton in your then and now observations! Glad to hear she's adjusting well to school. Look how much Koen has grown - he doesn't look like your baby at all anymore - such a big boy!