Friday, September 5, 2008

Laney Gracie

This weekend is my niece's 3rd birthday - she was actually born on her parent's anniversary :) Laney was the first baby born in our family after we received Payton's diagnosis and I still feel guilty about how 'stand-offish' I was when she was born. Thankfully I'm blessed with a sister who is very caring and compassionate and holds no grudges at all. Payton and Laney are two peas in a pod.....I actually credit Laney for many of the things Payton does. Payton's picked up many of Laney's phrases, such as "what did you say?" with her face all squished up....and they pretty much follow each other around all over the place (and can also beat the fire out of each other if in the right mood!). I really can't tell you how thrilled I am that Payton has a cousin so close to her in age that lives close to us. It kind of gives me a 'security blanket' knowing that someone will be there at school to help Payton out if someone is giving her a hard time. I love you, Laney, and hope you have a great 3rd birthday!


Every minute counts.... said...

Happy Birthday Laney!
I do hope that Abi and her cousin Chloe will always be friends. I wish that they went to the same school, maybe I would feel a little better about it.


sara said...

Tara, thank you so much for that post!! I love that picture of Laney. I've got tears streaming down my face thinking of Payton and Laney together, especially after some of the conversations we have had lately about Laney growing up so quickly and able to do things that Payton can't quite do yet. I'm so glad that the girls have eachother, but also so happy that we have eachother to lean on too. And I know that Payton will be the one welcoming Laney to school in a few years with that HUGE smile telling Laney "Come on! Let's hold hands!!!"